Växjö  (

Växjö is a University City in southern Sweden, some 430 km from the country’s capital, Stockholm. The city has long been a centre of trade, culture and education in south east Sweden. The city itself has a population of  60.000 inhabitants in the city with a total of 86.000 in the larger Municipality.

Växjö is at the heart of some of Sweden’s most beautiful scenery and is set amongst 200 lakes. The shopping environment has been described as the best in Sweden, with Växjö earning the name “the small big city”. Växjö is the centre of one of Sweden’s most dynamic regions, with industry, the University and the media centre all contributing to the city’s prosperity. Glass making is an important local industry with several well-known names represented, including Kosta Boda. Welcome to Sweden, Småland and Växjö, the capital of crystal and furniture country. Växjö has been declared “The Greenest City in Europe” by the BBC and other international media outlets. This is a result of their climate goals and successful climate activities. The Greenest City in Europe is the sum of all the environmental projects that have been carried out and will be carried out within the municipality, both private and public. It is with pride that the city take the opportunity to use the epithet as its distinctive motto.

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