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Rendsburg is 800 years old and has about 28.000 inhabitants. 65.000 people live in the economic area of Rendsburg. The city of Rendsburg is situated in Northern Germany some 60 kilometre from the Danish border and 100 kilometre from Hamburg. The Baltic Sea is about 30 kilometre away. It’ barely 60 kilometre to the North Sea.

The Kiel-Canal was opened in 1895 and Rendsburg became a port of both North Sea and Baltic Sea. Rendsburg is very famous for its ferry, which is installed as a hanging construction with steal cables under the iron railway bridge to cross the Kiel-Canal. In 2013 has been installed a special inter-active lightning called Passage.

Moreover Rendsburg is an important part of a co-operative linking between the town of Kiel and the districts Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Plön.  As a traditional centre of industry, trade and commerce Rendsburg is an excellent location site.

Furthermore Rendsburg offers many facilities of culture, leisure and sport. As a matter of fact in Rendsburg there is the seat of the North-college, which speciality in intensive language courses for foreign and German management levels. During the summer the International Orchestra Academy of the Schleswig-Holstein Music-Festival is guest at the North-college and there are a lot of concerts in Rendsburg and around. Also during the summer there is the Nord Art, a famous international art exhibition, next to Rendsburg

The efforts of the city of Rendsburg for European understanding were honoured by the Council of Europe in 1972 by awarding the flag of the Council of Europe and in 1989 by awarding the Medal of the European Council.

A great contribution to European understanding are the International Youth Games.

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