Aalborg  (www.aalborg.dk)

Aalborg is Denmark's third largest municipality, with a population approaching 205.000. Aalborg is located 110 km south of Jutland's northern tip, at the Limfjorden, a seaway linking the North Sea to the Baltic. Noted mainly for its cements and next to that, Aalborg is mostly known for all varieties of technology, for a very good university and as an attractive  tourism and holiday base with a lot of exiting places to go and see.

In Norresundby, situated on the northern bank of the Limfjord and connected to Aalborg by a modern bridge, there's a vast Viking Burial Ground at Lindholme Hoje. It includes 140 'ship-graves'- tombs enclosed by sanding stones making the outline of a ship. Here is also an very nice and inspiring museum, superb to visit on a rain day.

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